Wind, Solar, Fail As Renewable Power

nukewind.jpgIt has long been our opinion (based on facts) that neither wind nor solar power can compete with the efficiency and cost of nuclear power generation. Hyped-up belief and major taxpayer-funded subsidies have taken the wind and solar efforts as far as they have come today. Hyped-up fear and misinformation have been applied to public opinion that nuclear power generation is both dangerous and evil.

Mark Perry, a professor of economics and finance, penned a very interesting piece today that points out that the clean energy movement is missing their best bet for green power.

From Investors Business Daily:

Wind and solar power, once viewed as our best hope for abundant supplies of zero-carbon energy, are distracting us from what might be the real solution: nuclear power.

The time has come for states to reconsider their mandates requiring that a share of electricity come from renewable energy sources, and instead consider a more direct and sensible policy in support of nuclear power.

Currently 30 states have renewable power standards designed to promote the use of wind and solar power, which are carbon-free, non-polluting sources of energy. Among the most ambitious, California’s standard mandates that the state generate one-third of its electricity from renewables by 2020.

But the hype over wind and solar power as clean and renewable is undermined by their fatal flaw — intermittency.

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