Train to Oblivion

In a crushing blow to freedom, Pelosi and US House Democrats just threw us all under the train . . .

Train to Oblivion

From the Patriot Post:

Political Futures

“The push to get a health care reform bill through the U.S. House over the weekend was a classic political maneuver called ‘changing the narrative.’ It worked. Last week was a really, REALLY, bad news week for the Obama Administration. There was so much bad news that one story cascaded over another and, ultimately, they cancelled each other out. … The decision to press for a Saturday vote on health care was formulated as soon as the Obama Administration realized how bad the job numbers were going to be. When the election results came in Tuesday night, that made the need to change the narrative even more important. After the Fort Hood horror, it became imperative. Among those voting for the health care bill was the new Congressman from NY-23, Bill Owens, who had said during the campaign that he was opposed to the public option. … No matter how much the popular press pretends that the vote shows real momentum for a major overhaul of the nation’s health care system, it was approved with a [five]-vote margin which does not sound like a choo-choo train racing across the Capitol Rotunda toward the Senate Chamber. The narrative may have changed for now, but the problems facing the Obama Administration continue to grow.” –political analyst Rich Galen