Going for a Ride

bear-ride.jpgBear, our long-time family pet, doesn’t get to go for a ride very often. Most times she goes to the vet or to the kennel in the truck, but today was different. We had to run a couple of errands after our session at the shooting range and we decided to bring Bear with us. Instead of being taken into the usual dog places, she got to explore, sniff and enjoy herself while CB was in the store shopping.

As she gets a little older, we want to take her to more places when we go. Even if the destination is mundane to us, she seems to think we’re having a great adventure. A while back, we got her a little doggie staircase to make the jump into the truck a little easier for her. She was leery at first, but now gets very excited when I get the staircase out, because that means we’re going somewhere.