Giving Thanks to Our Troops

This was our post last Thanksgiving Day. It is just as appropriate today as it was a year ago.

We often think about and pray for our troops across the globe. And our efforts go beyond just thoughts and prayers since we routinely support charities such as Wounded Warriors, Soldiers Angels and the USO. Please, if you are able, send our troops a little support as a way of saying thanks for what they do. Keep it going all of this holiday season if you are able.

You should also keep the families of these wonderful men and women in your thoughts and prayers, since they will be celebrating without their loved ones.

Neil Cavuto of the Fox News Channel offered this poignant and insightful thought about those serving in our defense:

Giving Thanks to Our Troops

By Neil Cavuto

I cannot imagine eating Thanksgiving dinner in a mess hall. In a foreign country. In a hostile foreign country. Away from family. Away from friends. Away from all I hold dear.

I cannot imagine wondering whether this meal might be my last. Or the buddy sitting next to me won’t always be with me.

I cannot imagine going through what our soldiers go through every day. But especially “this” day. When we should all give thanks. But they barely have the time to eat. Before they’re back on the line. Back protecting us.

We who debate their role. Some of us who even mock their cause. This isn’t about a war. This is about those who fight it. And endure it. And live through it. In a place we forget. On a day we should not.

I am very lucky to have this day with my family. My creature comforts are secure precisely because theirs are not. It’s not fair. It’s not right. It just is.

They are due our thanks every day. Our prayers all days. But they are due both, especially this day. It’s amazing to me that those paid so little, give so much. Never complaining. Always giving. So that we can sit down in peace. While they stand guard, in war.

May God bless and protect all of our men and women in the armed forces.