Apocalypse — Not!

four-horsemen-apocalypse.jpgLast week, I found a website (thanks again, Rick) where four excellent essays offer the perfect rebuttal to the nonsense that Al Gore produced in his recent crockumentary, “An Inconvenient Truth.”

These four essays, “The Four Horsemen of the Non-Apocalypse,” as it were, are grouped into a page entitled “Good news, Mr. Gore, the Apocalypse has been postponed.”

Four Horsemen art credit Black Horse Design

The first essay, “The Gospel According to Gore,” shares some insight into the reasons that some become alarmed, while analyzing the difference between “consensus” and actual scientific discovery.

Al Gore Goes to Hollywood (But Not To CalTech) reveals some of the junk science that Gore uses in his film, “An Inconvenient truth.” The essay shows how Gore overlooks scientific facts while mesmerizing the audience into watching the doom unfold (never mind the man behind the curtain, Dorothy).

The third topic, “Unlikely CO2, Possible Meteorites, Probable Sunshine,” is a discussion of things that are actually known to affect climate, and how anthropogenic phenomena such as urban heat islands have little effect on global climate, if any.

Finally, “Counting the Cost of the Precautionary Principle” discusses emission reduction treaties, alternative energy sources and the costs, in terms of both economics and politics, of “going green.”