La Junta, Southeastern Colorado

La Junta

Today, after “gettin’ outa Dodge,” we headed west on US 50 along the route to our next stop. The trip was mostly uneventful, with a little rain an hour into the drive with clearing the rest of the way.

The road west on US 50 took us through numerous little Kansas and Colorado towns. All very scenic with the usual crops, cattle feed lots and creeks, rivers and railways.

At one point, Damsel had her camera pointed at a passing BNSF locomotive with flatcars behind. The crew must have seen her with the camera, because when they passed us, they blew the diesel electric rig’s deafening horn. That startled us at first but then we both laughed. There was no RR crossing when they did that.

We’re now parked in the KOA and enjoying our evening. Tomorrow, we visit some more ancestors’ graves in Pueblo, CO and then on south into New Mexico.

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