Camping - Ely, NV


Tonight, we’re in high country in the Great Basin area of Eastern Nevada camped at a nice campground and RV park, elevation 6200 feet or so. Luckily, the forecast is for unseasonably warm weather overnight with the lows forecast to be in the high 50’s rather than the customary mid 30’s for this time of year.

Our route today took us across most of middle Nevada from Hawthorne down to Tonopah and across to Ely. Despite having mostly overcast weather, the scenery was quite striking with pastel colors, jagged peaks and mountain passes followed by verdant valleys dotted with farms and ranches in a very wide-open and spacious “Great Basin.”

The RV performed great going across the desert today, refueling at Tonopah with one other rest stop on the way out to Ely. The ride was smooth and comfortable most of the way with only a few areas of gusty winds that make keeping a big rig like ours between the lines a slight challenge.

Today’s leg and yesterdays were longer than we consider nominal (nominal being a four hour trip), mostly because of the vast distances between places. Tomorrow and the rest of the trip working our way home are planned to be shorter than nominal. We will be in Utah tomorrow, stopping at Delta which is less than three hours from here. That will give us some time for showering and other personal things when we get in camp over there.

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