Camping - San Dimas, CA

San Dimas Camping Spot

One of the slogans for this campground is “Best kept secret in the LA Basin.” I have to admit that I never heard of it until finding it on-line. Now that we’re here, I can see that this place, surrounded by dense urban infrastructure, is rendered obscure because it is nestled in the hills and is not seen from any of the several freeways in the area.

Normally, we try to avoid the LA basin, but this park is the closest to where the kids and grandson live. Damsel and I enjoyed the visit this afternoon and evening with the nineteen month old boy and his Dad. We saw them last month in Palm Desert, the halfway point, but due to work and other obligations, they couldn’t make it out there this month. We also expect that there will be no visiting for a while because of the same business obligations on the kids’ part as well as the higher summer temperatures in the desert.

Next stop on our excursion will be in the San Joaquin valley for an overnighter before heading up to see family in Northern California. We anticipate posting another camping photo at each campsite.

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