Memorial Day – Remembering the USS Cole

It has been almost six years since I updated the NEVER FORGET tribute seen in the right sidebar to memorialize the Islamic terrorist attack on the USS Cole. On this Memorial Day, I am reposting Remembering the USS Cole I posted on the tenth anniversary of the attack. Although the sailors that died that day were not in combat, they most certainly were in enemy territory.

Remembering the USS Cole

cole1.jpgTen long years have gone by and the US Government – Clinton, Bush and Obama – have done nothing to retaliate for the vicious Islamic Terrorism act, the bombing of the USS Cole. The current President even had a Judge drop the charges last year. That’s disgusting behavior, but typical of the invertebrate occupying the Oval Office these days.

About the same time the charges were dropped, we made the modification to the animated “Never Forget” tribute seen in the sidebar to include the USS Cole sequence. I was in contact with Gary Swenchonis, Sr., who provided me with feedback on the Tribute. Gary is the father of Fireman Gary Swenchonis, Jr., who perished in the attack on the USS Cole. Gary Sr. asked if I could provide a tribute to the Cole victims and I was honored to include it.

You can read the ten year anniversary post by Gary Swenchonis, Sr. at his website, Terrorism: Politicians and Victims.