Damsel’s Boo Boo

palm-thornsthumbnail.jpgDamsel wanted to make sure that people are warned about the potential danger of the Mexican fan palm tree’s thorns. Last Saturday, she brushed past a pruned frond stem and ripped her forearm. There was obviously not going to be a home-remedy first-aid resolution to the injury, so we went to the emergency room to get some help. They stitched it up and sent us home several hours later.

A larger-sized view of the offending palm frond stub and photographs of all the gory details appear below when you click on “Continue reading . . .” — Please don’t look if blood and stitches are going to creep you out.

The offending palm frond stub and the resulting wound are in the top row and the repaired wound the night it happened and the next evening are in the row below that. It looks like she’s healing. In fact, I looked today and it looks even better. The stitches come out next Tuesday.



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