The Greenbat Epidemic

Out there in neverland, there exists a special breed of moonbat — these are people who never look at actual science, but blindly believe the (as Al Gore calls it) “over-represented” mantra of environmental doom and global warming — let’s call them Greenbats.

As reported today, Democrats, suffering from a dearth of any actual problem-solving ideas, take on nonsensical Greenbat “designer issues” that solve no known problems, and severely handicap businesses and taxpayers in California.

California Politics – Some legislators thinking green –

Democrats pushing bills, opposed by business, on water and air quality.

Maybe it’s the summer heat, or maybe it’s Al Gore‘s documentary.

Whatever the cause, California environmentalists and Democratic lawmakers have embarked on an ambitious campaign to catapult the state ahead of the nation on a number of green initiatives.

From greenhouse-gas caps to alternative energy, they say it’s time to make significant changes after watching a number of clean water and air quality bills vetoed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in recent years. They say the looming election should also help motivate politicians to think green.

“There’s no question the leadership California can provide on this issue on the sustainability of our planet,” Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez, D-Los Angeles, recently testified before an environmental committee. “The world really is watching today what we do in California.”

Despite plenty of science to the contrary, environmentalists (Greenbats) and Democrats looking for more tax dollars drum up these zany clichés to further strangle California Businesses.

Maybe Democrats and Greenbats alike should read an excerpt from the World Climate Report, a blog that actually does the research leading to conclusions such as:

“Supreme Court Warms Up To Climate Change”.

[. . . ]

Folks on my side of the issue, know that there’s not a suite of regulations and/or technology that can significantly alter the course of the earth’s temperature evolution for the life of anyone on this court, or, for that matter, for any of the next several appointees. By then, society will likely be producing or using energy in ways that are so different than today that this huge catfight will look like what it really is – a silly diversion, compared to some real-world problems, like nutsos with nuclear weapons, or people flying airplanes into skyscrapers for the love of a bevy of non-experienced women.

[. . .]

Read the entire World Climate Report article “Supreme Court Warms Up To Climate Change”.