My reply to Diane Feinstein’s ‘NO’ Vote on Judge Roberts

With some help with the wording from Captain Ed, I sent this to Senator Feinstein’s Mail Robot:


Your ‘NO’ vote on Judge Roberts provides further proof that you and other Democrats seek to impose unpopular policy through judicial manipulation rather than through legislation, and that your actions represent a true threat to the Constitutional checks and balances that keep power in the hands of the people.

Once again, as a second-generation native Californian, I am deeply embarassed by my fellow citizens’ choice of California Senators.

In the article referenced above, Captain Ed goes on to say (emphasis added):

No one believes that this will cause any risk to Feinstein’s seat in California, where the GOP still operate in such disarray that they will not likely field any candidate that could possibly unseat Feinstein even if she retired first. However, the declarations of Reid and Feinstein opposing such an impressive and obviously qualified candidate like Roberts will provide grist for campaigns in red-state contests, where at least five Democratic Senators will need to defend themselves and their party against the clear trend towards radicalism and knee-jerk partisanship. The more Democrats that fall into this trap, the easier that argument gets.

The references to the California GOP, it seems, are sadly true, thus increasing our embarassment.