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Yesterday, we had the second surgery to correct the cataract in the right eye. This was a bit more complicated than the first surgery (which was a simple lens replacement) in that there were additional measurements and a second laser process involved to fix the astigmatism in the right eye cornea. There was yet another measurement made during the surgery to determine which of four possible lens implants would be selected. I regret to say that the cause of all the additional processes could have been circumvented had I not had LASIK surgery on the right eye 22 years ago.

I went to the day-after follow-up this morning and the results pleased the surgeon (who kept patting himself on the back) as well as they pleased me since he had me reading the fine print on the eye chart even though the dilation in the eye was still set at F 0.6 or so (wide open). The eye will be considered completely healed and functional in a few days although the eye drop regimen will persist for about three weeks. I thank the Lord that all this is behind me and seems to have worked out.

A few weeks ago, I upgraded Damsel’s AR-15 with a forward vertical grip. I watched a video on the ‘Tube where some dude installed a vertical grip on the standard hand guard by using a rail section and a compatible grip. I did the modification to her rifle by following the advice I saw and when it was complete, I was not satisfied. The grip still had some wobble even though it seemed to be securely fastened. It was a workable kluge.

I previously reported on the hand guard upgrade on my rifle with a quad rail and a vertical grip. That worked out very well and I am still happy with it. I was going to apply that same upgrade to Damsel’s rifle but we got distracted a bit since she indicated that she wanted to get pink furniture for her gun. So, we abandoned the quad rail upgrade. Now, the pink furniture seems to be sold out everywhere. I am on waiting lists but nobody can seem to say when they will be back in stock.

Well, I didn’t want to wait to get her gun fixed and get rid of the foregrip wobble, so I ordered a Magpul MOE Hand Guard (which is the same manufacturer of the pink stuff) as an interim solution while waiting for the ultimate pinkness to show up.

Today, the hand guard arrived and I completed the mod to her rifle. The before and after pictures are below. The kluged verical grip on the standard hand guard (left) and the Magpul hand guard and vertical grip (right). Click on either image to enlarge.

Standard Kluge Magpul MOE hand guard and grip


  1. drjim said,

    October 15, 2020 @ 18:00:21

    Good to hear things are fine with the eye. I really need to get in and get some new glasses. Was going to do it last year, but had the hip issues, and then The Virus happened, so never did.

    I like Magpul stuff. Very well made, with good fit and function.

    Which reminds me….I really need to get some 15-round magazines for the AR, and a REAL magazine release for it so I can ditch the “Bullet Button” BS that’s on it now.

  2. CapnBob said,

    October 15, 2020 @ 19:53:15

    Because of the COVID this year has been weird and made weirder since we have healthcare maintenance issues that can’t wait for resolution. We’re dealing with it, though.

    We like the Magpul products we’ve seen. I almost wish I had installed the hand guard like above instead of the heavier aluminum quad rail. Maybe I’ll appropriate Damsel’s if and when the pink stuff shows up for her rifle.

    I guess 15 rounds is a limit set by the Commies there in Colorado? Or is that changing?

  3. drjim said,

    October 16, 2020 @ 20:40:53

    Some boneheads in the Colorado legislature pushed through a 15-round magazine limit some years ago. They were voted out the next election, but the damage was done. If you have 30-round mags you can keep them, but you can’t buy them here. Which means people drive the 30 miles to Wyoming and stock up there.

    I’m stuck with a whole bunch of 10-round mags from Kommiefornia, along with the stoopid Bullet Button magazine release. I should stop complaining and just order the parts from Brownell’s, and install them when they get here.

    The rifle is a S&W M&P 15. It came with four sections of rail instead of a hand guard for the barrel. I have some rubber “grips” on three of the four sections, and a cheap optic on the top section.

    I’ve never fired an AR with the forward vertical grip. Does it help any? These things are really easy to shoot and hang on to, and I can’t see why you’d need a vertical grip like that.

  4. CapnBob said,

    October 17, 2020 @ 08:53:38

    Yep it’s too bad about the bonehead laws there. The mag limit forced Magpul out of CO and into WY and TX as I recall.

    OK on the M&P and Quad Rail. It will take a vertical grip OK but a lot of guys prefer the Angled Fore Grip: I’m OK with the vertical and it does help to have another place to grab onto the front of the rifle. I’m comfortable with the Vertical.

    Replacing the bullet button looks to be straight forward when you get the right parts. I saw several videos are available on YouTube®.

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