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Proposed Border Fence


With the current political climate in Sanctuary Kalifornistan, I cannot disagree with the line drawn on this map that I found on the FecesBook™ thing.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We have so much to be thankful for this year. We’re in good health, blessed by God’s bounty and have a wonderful extended family.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and to yours!


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Cactus in Pots

Cactus in Pots

For several years, I have had a collection of cacti in pots in and behind the patio. This week, I moved several of them into the courtyard where we will be able to enjoy them more than out back.

The potted cacti include some recently acquired ones courtesy of Crotalus, our friend in the California desert. Thanks to him for those. Several of these will await next spring to display their flowers, while others will continue to grow to the point where We will need to re-pot them or put them in the rock and cactus garden.

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Desert Moonrise

Desert Moonrise

We took an after-dinner walk down the road this afternoon as we usually do when we finish eating. I noticed the moon rising over the desert mountains in the distance and our local hills in the foreground. Having left the camera in the house, we finished walking the dogs and went back down the road for me to get this nice shot of the moonrise.

Later in the evening when we walked the dogs just before total darkness outside, the waxing gibbous moon was so bright, we could see our moonshadows on the driveway. Click on the image to enlarge.

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Gas Under Two Bucks

Under $2Gas prices have been coming down all over the country since the summer season ended. The lowest prices here in our town are still over two per gallon, but when we were going down to the Northwest Valley today, we saw gas advertised for under $2.

Having recently made a commitment to a new gas consumption entity, we have been tracking gas prices. When we take delivery of the new beast after Thanksgiving weekend, we will need to top off the 80 gallon tank. Searching on Gas Buddy reveals a lot of prices near the delivery location to be just a shade over two bucks; hopefully, those will go down by the time we get there.

One of the business magazines (I don’t link to any Bloomberg sites because they are rabidly anti-second-amendment) speculates that gas prices could fall to $1.70 or below by Christmas. That will be good for us since we will be going to Palm Desert California one more time before then and gas will probably keep coming down in price.

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Dark Backed Goldfinch


I was in the courtyard today with my camera intending to take some photos of Bob planting a couple of new xeriscape acquisitions when I noticed this little goldfinch taking seeds from the front feeder. He was not startled by my appearance in the courtyard and just stayed perched on the feeder taking the Nyjer seeds. I approached him and got several shots like the one above before he finally took off.

I looked up goldfinch on Wikipedia and found that there are several varieties of them. The ones that come around here are called the Dark Backed “Lesser” Goldfinch. They are a very small songbird according to the Wikipedia Article:

The lesser goldfinch or dark-backed goldfinch (Spinus psaltria) is a very small songbird of the Americas. Together with its relatives the American goldfinch and Lawrence’s goldfinch, it forms the American goldfinches clade in the genus Spinus sensu stricto.

The American goldfinches can be distinguished by the males having a black (rarely green) forehead, whereas the latter is (like the rest of the face) red or yellow in the European goldfinch and its relatives. North American males are markedly polymorphic and 5 subspecies are often named; at least 2 of them seem to represent a less-progressed stage in evolution however.

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Islamic Terrorists in Europe and Beyond

solidarity.jpgOur neighbor with French ancestry flew this display of colors today, apparently in solidarity with France after the recent Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris. We noticed it this afternoon and I took this image from our driveway using the telephoto lens. Click on the image to enlarge.

With regard to solidarity, I’m not a Francophile by any stretch of the imagination, but if French President Hollande goes through with his resolution to fight terrorists, then I’m all for it and believe the US should help. I also believe that the terrorism in France is not a local problem and will soon spread to other places in Europe and, sadly, to America.

The Executive Branch of the US Government, on its own accord and without permission of the Congress has ordered the relocation of “refugees” to New Orleans and other places stateside. That is just plain wrong. I read that Ted Cruz wants to stop Obama’s illegal importation of terrorists, but I don’t know how he expects to do that. I support the notion since there is clear evidence that some of the French Islamic Terrorists were originally “refugees.”

Many of the pro-gun websites I frequent advise that wherever we go, we should all be carrying our guns all the time. That is nothing new for Damsel and I, but we will have to be especially vigilant for anything that smacks of potential terrorism. Unlike TSA and other politically correct government entities, we always have, and always will, profile people we encounter.

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