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Rahmbo Bailing Out

This Ramirez cartoon struck me as being rather funny . . .


Funnier yet, Emanuel may be ineligible to run for Chicago Mayor.

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Buzzard’s Saloon

One of the more interesting landmarks along the route from Wickenburg to the Phoenix metropolitan area is Buzzard’s Saloon near Morristown, AZ. Buzzard’s may be closed for the summer because the gate always seems to be closed. Many businesses in town post signs that they are closed until fall. Click on the image to enlarge.

Buzzard’s Saloon

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Lake Pleasant

We can be at Lake Pleasant in less than an hour from our new house in Arizona. I took this photo in July of this year. It was a little too warm that day for a picnic, so we just did some sightseeing before we drove back to town. It is indeed a pleasant lake and state park. Click on the image to enlarge.


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Kitchen Preview

kitchen.jpgWhen we were in Wickenburg earlier this month, Damsel ordered all of the appliances for the new house. There is an appliance store in town where our contractor recommended we order the new equipment.

The kitchen appliances will all be stainless steel. Damsel ordered a 23 cubic foot stainless side-by-side freezer and fridge. The microwave sits over the five burner stainless range and oven which is a one-piece built in unit, as is the dishwasher. We will have a stainless two-tub sink under the kitchen window.

I went on to Lowe’s virtual room designer and built the kitchen seen here. Our actual kitchen will not be quite as wide as this model but the appliances will be placed roughly as shown. Our cabinets will probably look a bit different than those pictured here since we went with a rustic southwestern finish.

Click on the image to enlarge.

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Lap Dog

What a beautiful fall day here in Southern California! We have waited all summer for the weather to be as agreeable as it is in our new Arizona home. It was sunny and warm, about 88° on our patio. I took this photo of Cabela relaxing on the patio swing with “Daddy.” Click on the image to enlarge.


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SWiSH Invaders Game

About thirty years ago, I worked in the Preliminary Design Department for a major toy manufacturer. Part of the daily routine on the development team was to play with contemporary games and toys to foster a sense of what kids might like. I remember one of the popular video games at the time was Space Invaders, where alien ships entered the atmosphere and it was the game player’s job to shoot ‘em down.

Since I am interested in development of on-line applications, I subscribe to a blog where Flash™ animation development is discussed. Last week there was a post about a game submitted to the developer’s forum called SWiSH Invaders. It is strongly reminiscent of the game I played (and was never very good at) 30 years ago. I post the game here for your amusement and, if you happen to remember that game, nostalgia.

Link to the on-line game is here.

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The Wicked Witch of the House

Not only are they merely dead, they’re really quite sincerely dead . . .


Hat tip: The Patriot Post and Investors Business Daily.

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